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Rapid Material ID and Property Measurements

Identify Products and Measure Critical Properties All at Once

The IsoChem Analyzer provides both quick and accurate raw material identification, as well as finished product blend/formulation verification. In one fast measurement the analyzer identifies the raw material or finished product and catches contamination and formulation issues.

The IsoChem analyzer will also provide an analysis of spice, flavor, and seasoning formulation, ingredients, and properties of your raw materials and finished products. Taking only seconds to analyze the material, the IsoChem can provide a full range of measurements, including automated report printing, and result logging for product and lot accounting purposes.

Make Sure the Right Materials Get Used and Your Finished Product is in Spec!

Key Benefits Include:

  • Rapid Return on Investment - Analyzing incoming materials will quickly identify mislabeled and out of specification raw materials before contaminating storage tanks or making bad product.
  • Verify formulation and recipe of production samples to instantly catch set up and formulation errors.
  • Reduced lab work and elimination of expensive tests, lowering Lab costs and even reducing staffing needs.
  • Rugged NIR technology is suitable for rolling around the receiving dock or the production area, as well as sitting in the laboratory.
  • Catch Raw Material or Finished Product variances as low as 0.1% to insure product quality and flavor stability.

Measure Properties such as:

  • Moisture
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Oxidation
  • Protein
  • Soluble and Insoluble ratio analysis
  • Color
  • Volatile oil
  • Flavor oils
  • Purity or concentration in oil blends
  • Aromatics and aromatic oils

Measuring chemical properties in flavors, spices, and seasonings, the IsoChem provides fast quality testing information to control your production process and improve quality. LT-NIR Raw Material ID Series of analyzers combines analytical power and intelligence with ease of use in an integrated systems package. With Sampling cups, non-contact probes, liquid probes, and more, LT Industries has the accessories to make your measurement easy.

Laboratory Measurements Made Easy

Raw Material ID software makes analysis easy. Compatible with Barcode scanners data entry can be customized, results logged automatically, and the result presentation is clear and easy to read.

The bench top system is ideal for the laboratory or get a cart for rolling around the receiving dock and production area.

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