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LT-NIR Analysis of Algae and Algae Products

LT-NIR can save numerous hours of laboratory time by quickly determining the composition of biomass to be converted into ethanol or other value chemicals. Traditional methods typically involve chemical extraction, take hours and require extensive sample preparation.

Suitable for R&D Scale, Pilot Plant, or full scale production of algae, IsoChem Laboratory or Process Analyzers provide measurements that are easy to take, accurate, and have no operator dependency. Ease of use allows for at-line algae analyzers to be used by any level of operator.

Algae Measurements at all Phases of Production

  • Nutrient Levels: such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus
  • Photo-bioreactor growth stage: lipid production, cell mass, pigment, chlorophyll concentration, and algae classification
  • Finished algae harvest stage: lipid concentration, hydrocarbon, carbohydrate, and protein
  • Algae Oil:moisture, glyceride, and fatty acid content
  • Biodiesel Measurements: ASTM standards and more (see biofuel properties)
  • Strain Determination

All these algae properties and more can be measured within seconds either online or in the lab with the IsoChem Algae Analyzer. Contact us for more information regarding your specific requirements.

LT-NIR Analysis of Algae for Biofuels and Co-Products

LT Industries provides a complete algae analysis solution from feedstock to final product. Whether you are producing biofuels, algae ethanol, feed products, nutraceuticals, or other co-products, the LT Industries IsoChem Algae Analyzer can provide quick analysis at all stages of the algae production cycle.

R&D and Lab Scale Analysis of Algae constituents

The laboratory insitu system allows for real-time measurements of materials in process, requires no sample extraction or consumption, and the probes are CIP/SIP/Autoclavable. Using a standard laboratory unit equipped with a multiplexer the IsoChem can monitor up to 20 vessels at one time. Results are sent directly to your DCS or Process Controller for real-time monitoring of the product.

The laboratory IsoChem system can be upgraded to a production scale in-process system as your operation grows.

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