Energetic Material Monitoring and Analysis

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LT Industries Online monitoring of Energetic Materials - Propellants and Explosives

The IsoChem NIR System from LT Industries can provide real time in-process measurements of your process material formulation and other critical process control information. Get measurements such as %Solids, Solvent, Density, and other properties instantly. Measure for finished product properties such as burn rate, in real time during the production process. Measure properties of Explosives, Propellants, and other energetic materials with bench top, at line, or inline/in-process analyzers.

Inline NIR Probes are suitable for use in high temperature mixing kettles, measurements in twin screw extruders, and other high temperature environments. Measurements can be done manually by pulling samples from various stages of production or can be automated for online real time material monitoring.

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Complete Energetic Material Monitoring

Measure Energetic Materials including Explosives and Propellants for properties such as:

Burn Rate
...and more

Two Critical Systems in One

The IsoChem System can be combined with a Thermal IR System for complete monitoring of all essential product properties in energetic material production. Get real-time online property analysis of products with in-situ, non-destructive and intrinsically safe measurement.

Monitoring Temperature insures safe operation at all times. Thermal monitoring results can be connected directly to the process control system for automatic shut down or response. Or the system can provide audible and visual alarms locally and remotely for appropriate response by operators.

System Components

IsoChem Analyzer System

  • Online analysis in seconds
  • Provides real time measurement of formulation
  • Passive probe technology allows for easy integration of online probes even in dangerous environments
  • Fiber Optic cables that allow for remote measurements hundreds of meters away
  • All components can be made suitable for Class 1 Division 1environments.

IR Thermal Camera

  • LT industries' integrated thermal camera monitors temperatures of process materials.
  • Flexible setup allows for use on properties at a wide range of high temperatures.
  • Classified pan & Tilt unit with tripod allows for easy set up
  • Can also be hard mounted to process equipment
  • High speed fiber optic communication also makes integration into hazardous environments easier.

Software Interface

  • One interface controls both systems
  • Displays both temperature and property measurements
  • Includes both visual and audible alarms for temperature and process limits.
  • Many user configurable settings tied to selectable materials profiles.

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IsoChem Analyzer Explosion Proof IR Camera for Temperature Software Interface