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Quality Testing of Soy Peptone Nutrients

IsoPharm pharmaceutical nutrient analyzers allows for incoming qualification of nutrients to determine efficiency properties prior to use. On-line and in situ monitoring of nutrients and/or biopharmaceutical processes can also be incorporated into the process control system.

  • Identify type, grade, and supplier of peptones
  • Know nutrients have desired efficiency
  • Catch product variation before usage
  • Measure properties of both vegetable based and animal based peptones
  • Measure mineral blends and other pre-made media starters
  • Monitor nutrient media prior to running reactions or cultures

LT Industries IsoPharm pharmaceutical analyzers provide measurement solutions throughout your entire process from inspection of Raw Material in receiving to final product testing. Libraries are easy to create and the IsoPharm can manage an unlimited number of products.

The IsoPharm Advantage in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Biopharmaceutical production processes that rely on nutrients often utilize peptones made from vegetable or animal sources. Soy peptone is a common nutrient, but the IsoChem analyzer can analyze quality parameters of all types of nutrients. The target reactions, such as fermentation or cell cultures, rely greatly on a stable process. A stable process starts with a stable nutrient media. The IsoPharm Peptone Analyzer provides you the tools to achieve a stable nutrient supply and a reliable reaction profile.

Benchtop analyzers can be used in the laboratory or deployed in the receiving area for measurement of incoming materials. Measurements take only seconds and are non-destructive. The analyzer can be operated by non-technical staff and requires no consumables.

Get online measurements of Glucose, Glutamate, Acetate, Lactate, Ammonia, Cell Density, Product Titer/Protein, and much more with the IsoPharm Analyzer. These properties and more can be measured In-Situ or in the lab. Do you have many fermenters/reaction vessels? Using LT Industries Optical Multiplexer, one analyzer can monitor up to 20 measurement points, sending all the valuable data to your process control system automatically.


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