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Wine Analysis From Grape to Bottle

The IsoChem Analyzer for Wines and Spirits provides a full range of measurements critical during the production process. Select from Laboratory, at-line, and Online/In Process systems. Analysis is non-destructive and can be done insitu using sterilizable probes.

Designed to provide easy and accurate analysis of grape, must, fermenting must, or finished wine in seconds, the IsoChem NIR Wine Analyzer measures properties such as:

  • Alcohol
  • Color
  • Density
  • Acetic acid
  • Total acids
  • pH
  • Sugars
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Malic acid
  • Ethanol
  • Volatile Acidity
  • Grey Rot and Acid Rot
  • Ripeness

All these properties and more can be measured within seconds either online or in the lab with the IsoChem Wine and Spirit Analyzer. Contact us for more information regarding your specific requirements.

Analysis of Critical Properties from Grape Delivery to Finished Product

Measure an extensive list of properties from quality of grape delivery, to must, and finished product. Properties such as grey rot, acid rot, ripeness, color, PH, ethanol, acids, sugars, fermentation activity and lactic activity and other parameters affecting quality and consistency of your production are measured in seconds with easy to use software and simple sampling techniques.

Measure Properties of Other Spirits

The IsoChem can measure properties specific to sprits as well. Measure alcohol up to 75%, total extract, color, and many other properties of brandy, whiskey, tequila, cognac, rum and many others. Using only a very small sample results are provided in seconds.

Process and Online Analysis of Wine and Spirits

LT Industries' Process Wine Analyzer is capable of being located in the production area and is suitable for temperature fluctuations and wash-down. The probes and sensors are placed directly into the process for automated measurements. Results are collected in real time and are provided directly to your DCS or process controller for continuous process control.

Utilizing LT Industries sequential multiplexer, one analyzer can measure up to 20 different measurement points, allowing you to measure at all critical stages of production with one analyzer, and one single tie-in to your DCS.

IsoChem Analyzers provide unparalled value with their ability to be upgraded to online process analyzers that measure directly in the wine production process. When your beer operation is ready to grow, so are we. With accurate measurements, easy operation and the online upgrade potential, the IsoChem Analyzer can be an important part in growing your business.

Contact us for more information regarding your specific requirements and interest.

For more information on process analyzers please visit our process web pages.

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