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LT-NIR Applications

Rapid, Accurate Analysis in Many Industries

Whatever the industry, whatever the measurement need, LT Industries has the expertise to help you succeed. With over 30 years of meeting our customer's near infrared measurement needs in the lab and online, LT Industries knows how to provide the accuracy, repeatability, and a quick seamless integration your measurement requires.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Raw Material Identification
  • Raw Material Qualification
  • Concentrations
  • Physical property analysis
  • Chemical reaction point
  • Variable Trending
  • Real-Time Inprocess
  • Feedstock Material Analysis
  • Grade determination

Over the years we have successfully measured countless products in many different industries. If the application you're interested in is not shown in the following pages, please Contact us with details of your particular needs.

Why LT-NIR? Near Infrared analysis of products provides faster results and is easier to use than other techniques. Here are some examples:

  • Determine completion of product mixing in real time online.
  • Measure proteins, fats, water and solids for food manufacturing in seconds, with a single click of a button. One application is in milk processing (both liquids and powders).
  • Measure the viscosity of a polymer at 300 degrees C, while the product is in pellet form at room temperature. No heating or sample preparation is required.
  • Measure the complete formulation of a detergent, fragrance, fertilizer or other chemical product showing the actual concentration of each ingredient.
  • Determine 25 properties of gasoline in a single 30 second measurement.
  • Operators measure peanut butter product right at the production line for fat, salt, moisture, and protein reducing the workload on the quality lab.

Don't see your application or measurement need? Contact us to discuss you specifics. We would be glad to help find the solution that fits your needs.

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