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Crude Oil Measurements with LT-NIR

Online or Laboratory analysis of Crude Feed and Products

The ParaFuel provides fast and easy measurement of all types of crude oil, petroleum, and crude oil fractions. Real time On-line monitoring offers users fast results to optimize the process for best plant productivity.

Measure key properties of Crude Oil on the platform, in the pipe, or at the refinery. The ParaFuel is used for analysis of Oil Sands, Raw Crude, Blended Crude, and Crude Fractions. If you process Crude Oil and you have a measurement requirement, the ParaFuel Analyzer can provide the measurements you need. Analysis is fast, accurate and nondestructive – and can be incorportated into your online control system. LT Industries can address your crude oil analysis needs with its high quality laboratory and process analyzers.

Popular Measurements and Applications

  • Determination of Asphaltene Precipitation Point
  • Optimize Crude Distillation Units (CDU’s)
  • Measure API Gravity, Sulfur, TAN, SARA, Pour Point and other Crude Oil Parameters (full list below)
  • Validate Crude supplies – both on the producer and refiner side
  • Measure Oil Sands properties (Bitumen, Water and Solids)
  • Monitor % Methanol and other contaminants in Crude
  • Measure Water & Solids content in Crude Feeds
  • Study crude oil chemistry under well conditions

List of Crude Oil Feed and Product Properties

API Gravity
Water Content
Vapor Pressure
Asphaltene Content
Asphaltene precipitation point
Pour Point
TBP and distillation points
Aniline Point
Freeze Point
Cloud Point
C/H Ratio
Total Aromatics
Acidity (includes TAN)

Additional properties available.

Online Advantages

The chemical composition of crude varies greatly depending on source or supplier leading to challenges with handling and processing. Refinery operations such as crude switching can further alter properties and complicate process control. This effects productivity, efficiency, and overall costs. With in-process measurements you can monitor the key parameters of your crude feedstock and optimize the process. Measure crude properties in processes such as:

  • Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sands
  • Moving Crude over long distances of pipe
  • Crude switching effects
  • Blending different Crude Oils
  • Optimizing Crude Distillation Units

Online analysis is made easy with a wide range of probes and flow cells cells. High Temperature and High Pressure probes and cells offer the capability to measure product right at the distillation point, or right out of the well. With over 30 years of experience doing online analysis in harsh environments and on challenging products, LT Industries has a full line of process capable analyzers and accessories to meet your needs.

Insertion probes or flow through cells provide the option to do measurements directly in the stream flow, or on a slip stream. And a wide range of sample conditioning and sample handling options mean we will have a solution to fit your need and your budget.

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