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Applications in Fuels and Refining

Robust Online Monitoring of Product Composition and Physical Properties

The ParaFuel NIR analyzer provides laboratory and online analysis of Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Kerosene and other petroleum fractions for a wide range of critical properties.  It also provides measurement of Crude Oil, blending components, and blended fuels.  The analyzer comes in laboratory and process versions that improve efficiency and increase testing both in laboratories and online. 

The ParaFuel is also used by many state labs for octane screening, pump quality testing and other fuel measurements such as biodiesel content. This versatility has led to numerous applications of the Parafuel, measuring a full range of refinery products, for several different customer bases, in both laboratory and online situations. In alll cases, the ability to measure physical and chemical properties easily, accurately, and in a non-destructive manner provides significant value to its users.

Gasoline Blending Control and Optimization

  • Gasoline and Diesel Blending Control – LT-NIR has helped minimize Octane ‘Give-A-Way’ and other quality parameters with automated online measurement of Gasoline Blending. 
  • Fuel Property Measurement – Provides online measurement of Octane, RVP, Distillation Profile, Aromatics, Benzene, Additives and more.
  • Multi-stream Management – Multiplexer allows for measuring up to 20 process points with one analyzer.  Enables your company to integrate real time monitoring of component streams for improved process control.
  • Process Ready – The ParaFuel Online system is suitable for all process environments and can incorporate inline probes, sample cells, or sample conditioning systems as needed.  Product properties are analyzed and fed directly into the DCS or process control unit for real time feedback and control of final product. 

Additional NIR Applications at Petroleum Refineries

  • Naptha Cracking – Measure and optimize Catalytic and Steam Crackers by measuring properties such as PIONA, Benzene, and Density.
  • Crude Oil – Measure incoming crude oil RVP, Acidity, Viscosity, Water, Density, and much more. Optimize Crude Oil refing processes such as Crude Distillation Units (CDU’s)  See our crude oil applications page for more information.
  • Aromatics – Measure Xylene (o-, p- and m-) concentrations to optimize the Isomerization Process. Measure Benzene and Toluene concentrations.
  • Alkylation – Measure Acid Levels (HF or H2SO4) and monitor the Alkylation Process
  • Refomrer – Measure High and Low RON, MON and PON online
  • Other Applications – Solvent Extraction, Hydrotreating, Additives, Some Sweetening Processes and Dewaxing.

The ParaFuel provides analysis of critical process parameters throughout the refining process. Additional applications in the polymer and specialy chemical industries are highlighted in our Chemical Applications page.

Online Advantages

  • Field mounted NIR Analyzers can be located outdoors or in analyzer houses. LT industries provides housing and analyzer enclosures for virtually any classification of environment.
  • The ParaFuel is connected to the probe or cell at the measurement point by fiber optic cable. Both the probes, cells, and fiber cables are passive and suitable for easy implementation into any production environment.
  • One ParaFuel Analyzer is capable of measuring up to 20 different process measurement points. Integrated results reporting supplies all measurements instantly and in real time to the Process Control Unit.
  • See more details about Process NIR Systems here

Selected List of Fuel Properties

Petrochemicals Measured

Kerosene / Jet Fuel
Fuel Oil / Heating Oil
Motor Oil

Fuel Properties

Octane Number (RON, MON, PON)
Distillation IBP and FBP
Distillation Cuts: 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% and related
Distillation E70, E100, E150, E200, and E300
Aromatics Content
Benzene Content
MTBE Content
Olefins Content
Cetane Number / Index
Flash Point
Cloud Point
Cold Filter Plug Point
Density / API Gravity
Smoke Point

Petrochemical Properties

p- , o- and m- Xylenes
Acids in Alkylation
High and Low RON