Purchasing Options

If an outright purchase isn't in your budget, LT Industries offers leasing options that provide your company the equipment it needs today, simplifying the budgetary process, and giving your company many other financial advantages.


With very low monthly payments leasing is an attractive option to get the analytical tools you need to move forward and increase your profits today. 

Use your capital to purchase production equipment, add personnel, in all areas critical to operating your business, but get the advantages of our laboratory and process analytical equipment now.

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Advantages of Leasing LT Industries Equipment

bullet Quick turnaround to accommodate your needs  - Respond quickly and get capital equipment in use with less red tap.  Typical turn around is less than one week.
bullet Accounting/Financial advantages - leasing allows for better cash forecasting, get tax advantages with leasing, low or no collateral, low cost process.
bullet All types of equipment - Lease laboratory systems or complete Online/Process systems.
bullet Services, Accessories, Support - includes the complete system costs, from installation, training, long term support contracts, and equipment.
bullet Free up your capital - leasing allows you to use your capital in other areas, while still benefiting from the power or our technology.
Process Analyzer in production area  



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