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LT Industries Software Packages

OpCon-II User Interface

Operation of an LT-NIR spectrometer can be performed by people of all skill levels with the OpCon-II user interface. This software provides one-button operation of the analyzer with results displayed on screen and logged in a file. Additionally, the interface is customized to your specific application. See the benefits of LT-NIR immediately, without the need for long periods of training. This powerful tool includes:

  • Scan and save both results and spectra
  • Write results to databases, LIMS or any directory location
  • Compatible with a barcode scanner for rapid Lot ID entry
  • Remote service and upgrades available
  • Automatically distinguish betwene products and choose the correct library
  • Can store a virtually unlimited amount of product libraries
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Option for Pharmaceutical Applications

LT Bus Control System Integration

Integrate LT-NIR into your existing control system with LTBus software. This software-driven communication eliminated the need for any additional hardware. Communicate to your DCS, PLC and LIMS with over 30 Modbus protocols, 4-20mA or other protocols. The software allows for fully automated operation and control. Click for more infomation or see below for common options:

  • Continuous scanning, spectra and data collection - completely operator independent
  • Built in analyzer diagnostics with automatic alerts
  • Signal alarms is properties fall out of a certain range
  • Modbus, Multiple 4-20 mA, or any other communication protocol, including custom serial options.
  • Accepts inputs for temperature and other process sensors

Grams Software Suite

LT Industries offers powerful Chemometric tools with Grams Software packages. The software allows for data processing and modeling with the tools for multivariate analysis (PLA, PCA and discriminate analysis). The software is designed to provide all the tools a Spectroscopy Specialist would need, in a format that is friendly to new users.

LT-NIR standard training includes full training in all the software packages above that are relevant to your application.

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